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On 11th August it will be one year since Chloe-Marie a young lady who was 3 when I met her mum, passed away.

A young lady who I would be proud to call my eldest. She was funny, moody and had an amazing imagination. The stories she would make up or the games she would force her younger sister to play were hilarious.

The time she felt that all Barbies should have cropped blue hair was an event that will live long in the memory…..only because not hers, oh no her Barbies were perfect as they were, they had to be Bethanys and it was far too inconvenient to get Beths approval before sending them to the Chloe salon.

There was the holiday game, where, we were all to be called different names, Bethany was Boofan, Chloe was Rosie and I was Dickly Puffle, well it follows…..doesn’t it?

There was her longing, I mean absolute longing for Dairylea cheese spread. I can still hear her mutterings when in France in a swish restaurant ‘bet theres no cheese spread’

There was a gross game of make dad a sandwich, and the deal was, I would have to eat whatever was put in front of me. Tuna and jam, cheese, hash brown, tomato ketchup and peanut butter or the cakes she would press gang her sister into helping her make, that would have blue food colouring, or copious amounts of salt. I would eat it up without trying to look as if my days were ending, well I had too, there was two of them and only one of me.

Yes there were mood swings and we fell out from time to time, arguments that now seem pathetic, rediculous, a massive overreaction. Times when I was at my wits end and no doubt she was with me, but thats familys for you and it happens.

The fact is, she was just a normal girl and I loved her and she was my eldest and I miss her. The difference being a year later I think about what we had, what we had together and what we had as a family. The great fun we had.

I wasn’t a perfect dad, but I did what I thought was best, and I have no doubt, due to the fact I said it so often, that she knew I loved her. Of course as she got older it was met with ‘Your so embarrassing!’.


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