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Work has been hectic!

Nine months ago I was being taken through a hideous process called redundancy, and at the very last redundancy consultation meeting I was asked to stay on for a period of two maybe three months…well to cut a long story short (very very rare for me) I’m still there and have been given a new contract.

 Since that most awful of times (very Dickens-like), we have just got busier and busier. I often wonder what would have happened if I had gone, who would be doing what I do now? ….Yup, anybody!! I have never ventured asking the Operations Director the same question for fear of his reply, I think knowing him as I do, it would come out something like,

 ‘Well lets find out shall we?’

I digress, its been hectic, it seems every moment of the day is taken up with work, until last Saturday.

Saturday was one of those days when you look back and a big grin spreads across your face….well it did mine anyway.

You see Saturday, was about spending time with an old friend; can I just stipulate at this juncture, old as in the length of time  I have known her not that she is a friend and is advancing in years, we coffeed several times, chatted, walked, did a bit of work, not half as much as was planned, but nevertheless work was part of the agenda.

I then went to see one of the loves of my life. We have had a somewhat love hate relationship over the years, but when you support a football (soccer for my American readers) team, you will have a slightly tortuous affair. We WON, OHHHH that sounds good, we did indeed win. Not only did we win my friends, we won in style. The mighty Swansea City beat some other team you will never have heard of 4-0!!

I was ecstatic and thrice ecstatic! Never has so much  ecstaticness been witnessed before from seat 104 D in the West stand. I was so delirious I could have kissed the person sat next to me. Had it not been for the fact that he was eating a cold steak pie, with half the contents neatly balancing on his chin, as if he was saving it for a more meagre period of his life, I would have, and he would have flipping well enjoyed it……. but probably not as much as a steak pie, by the looks!

Not only did the Swans win, but sitting in the aisle across from me was my nephew, who had called me about 45 minutes before the match to say he had been let off work early and was coming to the match. Now I adore my nephew. In the week of his 21st birthday i was to spend an afternoon with him. The pleasure of his company was only marred by driving to his new ‘pad’ which is reached by a…..well I can’t call it a road or a track really, some suspension busting, tyre wrecking, bone rattling driveway that would have had less and shallower potholes if they had dropped a ten ton bomb on it. How we laughed…..well he did anyway! I was wracking my brains trying to remember if fully comprehensive car insurance covered retrieving half your car from a ditch infested track…..but i’ve already said I can’t call it a track, but you get the picture.

Van Morrison, as im prone to quote, sang ‘Didn’t I come to bring you a sense of wonder’ and the people, the place, the event that I was so ensconced in on Saturday all brought me a sense of wonder.

To have people, places and experiences that leave you smiling, to know what it is to be BLESSED is truly wonderful.

So im still smiling and this week has just got better and better, and it’s because I’m surrounded by people and nice people, or maybe, just maybe I appreciate more than I used to?


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Much has been made about these vuvuzelas, they are a bit like Marmite, you either love them or hate them, but they will always be remembered as an integral part of the 2010 world cup in South Africa.

For my own part I don’t really hear them anymore, I think i’ve become immuned to them.

There was talk initially of FIFA banning them because they were becoming a nuisance and had suffered from literally bad press as reporters wrote endlessly in blogs and newspaper columns about them. However, I think they will be remembered as part of this tournamont and whilst many have said that they wll bring them back to their countrys when they come home, I can see a situation where individual countries Football Associations will ban them from football stadiums.

Without question, it has affected European teams. English, French, Italian teams have struggled in their games and I think partly it is down to these instruments of choice for thousands of football supporters in the southern hemisphere.

Why? Well normally if a team goes behind the supporters will sing, cheer or even boo their team and that can help to spur them on, to rouse them from their slumber, even if Rooney will complain post match. The one thing that has been missing when you watch and listen to the games is the vocal support from a teams followers. They are drowned out by the noise of a 2 foot pice of plastic.

Its strange isn’t it, that all the talk before the World Cup was about altertude, the heat the very long English football season and fatigue on the star players. Nobody even thought that an army of vuvuzela’s that sound like a drone of bees would affect a team as much as it has.

Ban them? no way they have their place. Just like Scilachi was synonomous with Italia 90, Misha the  bear was to the Moscow Olympics and just as Freddie and  Montserrat Caballé will be remebered for their awesome duet at the Barcelona olympics, the vuvu’s will go down in folklore as the sound of summer 2010 (although its winter in South Africa) and World Cup 2010.

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